Our Company

We are more than just a group of professionals investing in growth-oriented companies. We’ve worn the shoes of the business owners with whom we partner. We’ve built companies from nothing more than an idea to valuations exceeding $100 million. Our extensive experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, and finance creates a unique and robust collaboration of experience and expertise that will be readily available for our partners.

Wiregrass Equity Partners seeks to generate superior investment returns primarily by making direct investments in potential high-growth companies located primarily within the Southeastern United States. We are combining our experience to narrow the aperture of our focus to specific industries in which we have past success.


Ambition and integrity are the capstones of our firm’s strategy. We target sustained wealth creation for our investors, seeking investments that leverage the strength of our team while inspiring confidence in the exceptional management teams with whom we partner. We focus on accelerating performance and value, as opposed to “financial engineering”.

Our ultimate goal is to create long-lasting relationships while providing a unique and real basis for competitive advantage, consistent with our firm’s capabilities.—Darin Phillips, Principal